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Results of our first meeting June 23, 2009

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On June 23rd, 2009 a number of concerned citizens gathered in Vinton, Iowa to discuss where our country was headed. We focused our attentions on four primary areas; Healthcare, Small Business, the Economy and National Defense.

Individual discussion sessions lasting 10 minutes each were held for those attending to simply detail their own individual concerns. At the end of the 10 minutes each person moved to another group insuring they had an opportunity to express their thoughts in each of the four groups. The moderator for each group took notes. The following is a summary of each groups thoughts and concerns.


  • Rushed debate – no honesty.
  • What do we expect out of medicine? Better chance of survival and better care.
  • Do we really want to force anyone/everyone to have health insurance?
  • Universal health care will increase cost, lower quality and diminish access.
  • No debate – not allowing opposite views to be full expressed.
  • Illuminate illegal alien access to health care, Medicare and Medicaid.
  • Less respect for life – will lead to euthanasia.
  • Dictating doctors for patients – will lead to a loss of choice.
  • Government imposed regulations – grading, physicians connected to the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Inefficiencies will grow as in all government programs.
  • Need to advocate alternative health care.
  • Need to accommodate people on alternative health care.
  • Universal health care:
    • 65% of people are happy/satisfied with their health care and do not want universal healthcare.
    • Insurance is not the answer to health care.
    • Insurance companies are to make money for their investors. Those are added dollars on the populace.
    • Universal health care will cover everyone including people living unhealthy life-styles.
    • Universal health care has not worked in other parts of the world. Socialized health care increases pain and suffering. It does not meet the health needs of the people.
  • Need for educating the people as to their responsibility for their own healthcare. This education should include information that is truthful and not “pharmacy agenda” oriented.
  • Look at other countries and their results.
  • Put politicians on the same plan they are proposing to test it first.
  • Separate perception of healthcare and insurance.
  • Socialized medicine will shift costs from non-payers to payers.

Small Business

  • Level of taxes:
    • Not friendly to small business
    • Seem to be going higher.
    • $250,000 income level easily within range of Sub Chapter S corporations.
    • Cuts innovation and growth – no reason to grow and risk if profits go to the government.
  • Small business creates most new jobs – new administration obviously hostile to small business.
  • Cap and Trade tax estimates are approaching $3,000 per family.
  • Small businesses are difficult enough to start. New government policies are making it even more difficult.
  • Government is now becoming a direct competitor with small businesses. Auto dealers, financial institutions, insurance agencies, employment for young people.
  • The volume of regulations for small business continues to rise.
  • Health insurance mandate will force many to layoffs or put them out of business
  • Output is already decreasing to avoid increase taxes. More will follow as regulations increase.
  • The new government programs and stimulus packages need to be paid for – this will be done in large part by increased taxes on small businesses.
  • There is an increase in government intervention in farming and agriculture.
  • There has been a dramatic increase in government intervention in mining – even small surface mines – increasing business costs.
  • Fines for the mining industry have increased 6-fold since 2006 increasing mining costs throughout the industry.
  • DNR continues to impose new regulations on industry including farming and mining again increasing costs.
  • There is a general anti-employer mind-set at the state and federal level.
  • A tremendous amount of frivolous spending at the state and federal level while businesses suffer.
  • Government should be promoting businesses and facilitating their growth to provide more jobs and more income to their employees.
  • There seems to be very little actual planning being done at the state or federal level.
  • An actual fear that this administration is determined to eliminate the small business person.
  • Tremendous duplication of programs between the state and federal government again increasing costs.
  • Fear of the future, uncertainty of government policy, uncertain state and federal monetary policies are leading to a slow down in small businesses.
  • Tremendous lack of actual business experience at both the state and federal level.

The Economy

  • "Terrified" at the rate of spending.
  • Priorities are questionable
  • Solving problems by spending money and adding more rules and regulations that hurt small business.
  • Retirement plans and nest eggs have been ruined.
  • Increase in the number of government employees
  • Too many special interest groups disregarding the interests of the whole.
  • Spending is bottomless - no control.  Pulling money out of the air.  Terrible impact upon grandchildren and beyond.
  • Bailouts should never have happened.
  • "They" ignore "us"
  • Responsibility falling on the middle class to pay.
  • Temptation is to=2 0say the hell with it and join the "dependent" class.
  • Inflation is coming and our credit rating will be going.
  • Federal Reserve can't account for $9 trillion that is "missing."  But, the FR is being given additional power.
  • Federal government is way too big.
  • Not adhering to the precepts of the Constitution.
  • Money being spent is going to supporters - political pay offs
  • The US has given money and aid over the years to many countries but little has come back to us.
  • Money winds up in the hands of people who don't really need it.
  • We're going to have to "clean house" - getting "them" to change won't happen.
  • Term limits for all in government and the judiciary.
  • GOP needs to create a new identity.
  • Waste is compounding as government gets bigger.
  • Earmarks - everyone out to grab what they can for themselves.
  • Lawmaker benefits are rich compared to average citizen.
  • Travel budgets should be cut.
  • Spending has become a political issue rather than an issue of merit.
  • Too much money in the welfare system without accountability.
  • Don't cut the military.
  • Return to the citizen politician not the "professional."
  • Need to return to "country first."
  • Government should be setting the example and leading the way in the role of thrift and savings.
  • Solution seems to be to always throw money at the problem.
  • Bailouts are anti-capitalism.
  • You want stimulus?  Put it in the defense industry.
  • What has happened to common sense?
  • Not in favor of helping the banks, car companies, etc.
  • There are no controls.
  • Abandoning capitalism in favor of socialism.
  • Too many liberal judiciaries, particularly at lower levels.
  • The media is out of control.

National Defense

Group 1

#1 worry --- open borders. We are rewarding wrong behavior, and providing welfare to non citizens. Mark Levin points out in his book Liberty and Tyranny that these payment can total $30,000 per year. Cost of providing illegals health care, education, etc. is unsustainable. Many firms or individuals that hire these people pay substandard wages, and do not provide a good working environment. (editorializing) management and others that hire these people knowing they are illegal should be charged with the appropriate crimes. No one is listening to our concerns.

One participant was worried that our Medicare Cards have Social Security numbers instead of a randomly chosen number. Concerned about identity theft. Note, the State of Iowa is able to do this with Drivers Licenses on request.

Another was worried that schools are not teaching accurate history, and culture. Worried also that patriotism is being left out of the mix. i.e. no flag in the class room - no saying the pledge of allegiance.

Group 2

Are we showing strength or weakness in our Foreign Policy. The worry is that we are indeed showing weakness, which will probably embolden our enemies. The U.S. has done much to militarily and financially aid Muslims with no thanks or credit given. President Obama’s so called apology tour did not give any credit to the good things we have done for the World.

North Korea? What’s next. They have nukes. They have missiles. Hawaii and Alaska are or will be in range. And yet we are decreasing Defense spending. We are decreasing research and spending on missile defense. Not good ideas. We have trillions to spend on bailouts and TARF and social programs, but priorities seem to be screwed up. North Korea a terrible threat to South Korea. (editorializing) also Japan. There is a deep seated hatred of Japan because of WWII.

Group 3

Internal security? One participate suggest we use the Armed Forces to protect our Southern border. The birth rate of our core is too low. We will soon be outnumbered by the minorities. This is the best reason to make should these peoples are fully integrated into our culture, values, history, and the proper function of government. Europe is being overrun by Islam. Muslims in these countries seem to show no interest in adapting to the culture of their home country.

Group 4

Immigration - New immigrates are not adapting to our culture, language, history, founding (Republic). If we are to educate these people then we need to do it right.

We should not be a hyphenated population. We should be one people – Americans.

We did not elect a Black President – we elected an American President? At least we hope he is natural born citizen, and in compliance with the terms of the Constitution.

One of the best stimulus is Defense Spending. (Rockwell) Our military equipment is old and weary. Our front line fighters are 30+ yrs old. Our primary bomber (B-52) is forty + years old. (editorializing) The fly away cost of our new air superiority fighter (F-22) is $144,000,000 each. The more that are built the more the per each cost goes down. In order for the F-35 to fulfill its mission effectively the Sky must be secured. This means opposing Air Forces as well as Air Defenses. Third world countries are updating their older missiles (by the Former Soviet Union or the New Russia) with newer technologies. This makes the skies over Afghanistan or anywhere else for that matter to be more dangerous for our airmen. From the end of the first Gulf War to the beginning of the second Our Air Force has been in constant Combat. Saddam’s air defenses constantly illuminated our forces patrolling in the No Fly Zone or on occasion fired at our planes. Numerous times as the beginning of the second Gulf War approached. DOD has authorized the building of 187 F-22. Many highly experience former Air Force people regard this number as “high risk” – meaning too low a number to carry on our many missions..

Group 5

Close the borders. Immigrants can come here legally. Illegals should not be part of the census. No welfare, no schools, or free health care. President Obama should not apologize. Defense will take a money hit for social programs.

We do not have the National Will to keep us safe.

Note: Most of the participants did not have any real knowledge of defense matters, but they feel in their gut that something is not right.

What’s Next???

The June 23rd meeting was proposed by a core group of folks that have formed a reading group focused on these current issues. We meet monthly and will continue to do so. At our next meeting the end of July we will block out our next steps.

In the mean time, we encourage everyone to create and complete a single action item in each of the four areas. These may be any of the following:

  • Write an opinion piece for the local paper.
  • Attend a Congressman’s or Senator’s regional meet and greet.
  • Call your representatives on some of the issues they are voting on.
  • Write them an email or letter expressing your thoughts and opinions.
  • Evaluate your own individual situation – both personal and professional – and learn how new legislation will directly effect you.
  • Read one of the books listed on the website.
  • Participate in the website, become a contributing writer.
  • Share your thoughts with friends and neighbors – have them join our group.
  • Come to our meetings, read the books and learn along with us.

Many of us believe our country is headed in a dangerous direction. This is NOT about party but about choices being made by our elected government. Please, jump in and help us reign things in. Review these notes, pick an action item, complete it and attend our July meeting. Check the blog or wait for an email and we will let you know time and date.

Thank you very much for your participation.

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