Monday, July 20, 2009

The devolution of a war hero.

There is no doubt that Congressman Boswell is a true war hero. His medals speak for themselves even without reading the citations. For those of us old enough to have ridden into LZs with these unbelievably brave men, there has never been any doubt – they were either totally insane or incredibly brave. It was usually a mix of the two. Too have served two tours takes Congressman Boswell’s bravery to a level few exhibit and act on. For this, he has my undying respect.

What I want to know is – what’s changed?

There has been one vote on Cap and Trade and an upcoming vote on healthcare that will have a stunning effect on the US economy, small businesses and individual families. That these bills have either reached, or are about to reach, the floor of the House and Senate indicate their importance. They deserve debate, analysis, reflection and input from the folks back home. Yet, it appears that Congressman Boswell will not come home and chat with us before these votes. He certainly did not before Cap and Trade and a call to his office this morning indicates that, if the vote is presented, he will vote on the healthcare bill, without talking to us. I have read many parts of the House version of the bill. I find them tremendously disturbing. Many do. We deserve his ear. I expect this of my elected representative.

When I put pen to paper, I choose my words carefully. They are meant to accurately describe what I mean –precisely. This particularly applies to individuals such as Congressman Boswell and the execution of his duties as our representative.

Regarding his unwillingness to come home and chat with us about these votes in particular a single word comes to mind that describes Congressman Boswell – cowardice. For all his bravery facing hostile fire throughout two tours in Vietnam, he does not seem to have the courage to visit his district, hold meetings in each county and take feedback about his position while listening to our concerns. This is tremendously disappointing.

This is cowardice. Congressman, do the right thing, delay the vote, talk to us and explain yourself. That is the duty of an elected representative. And that is what I expect of you.

Bill Keller

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